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Bexar County will test a new drug treatment program for county jail inmates that uses a medication that costs $1,000 a dose, but members of the county’s Joint Opioid Task Force think it will be worth the expense.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

There is a plane headed for Texas from China. Onboard are Americans who are evacuating the city of Wuhan, ground zero for the novel coronavirus that is circing the globe. They are at risk of infection, and will be quarantined on Lackland Air Force Base for two weeks. If, after two weeks, they show no symptoms of the virus, they will be allowed to leave.

In 2003, the world watched a strange virus circulate the globe. It was a novel coronavirus, the first to emerge from China in the 21st century. It was making thousands of people sick, and hundreds of people were dying. 

Coronavirus Screenings Coming To Houston, Dallas And El Paso

Jan 28, 2020
Houston Airport System

Several Texas airports will soon begin screening certain travelers for a novel form of coronavirus, as public health officials rush to contain a deadly outbreak that so far has been mostly limited to China. 

A map showing where cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.
Courtesy of CDC

After multiple false alarms in recent days, Texas health officials confirmed Monday that there are no confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus in the state.

Health officials are investigating the second suspected case of the coronavirus in Texas.
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Health officials are investigating whether a Baylor University student has the second suspected case in Texas of a deadly coronavirus that killed at least 25 people overseas and caused the lockdown of a city in China.

Officials Testing Texas A&M Student For Possible Coronavirus Infection

Jan 23, 2020
A map showing where cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.
Courtesy of CDC

A student at Texas A&M University is being tested for possible infection with the new coronavirus, officials at the Brazos County Health District said Thursday.

A child’s eyes, which exhibited cloudy regions within the pupils that represented cataracts of the lenses, determined to be due to a case of congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), caused when the rubella virus affected the child in utero.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A confirmed case of rubella in Austin should serve as an alert to pregnant women, particularly unvaccinated pregnant women.

Officials with the Texas Department of State Health Services is warning people not to buy cosmetics from outside of the U.S.

A Texas woman spent 10 days in the hospital after using a face cream she bought in Mexico. The cream was a mixture of a brand-name product and a large amount of mercury. 

CDC | Robert Denty

This flu season has turned out to be a tough one for children. There have been twice as many pediatric flu deaths so far this season than at the same time last year. Eight of those have been in Texas