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Bexar County Appraisal District

Many property owners are currently facing job and income losses amid the coronavirus' economic fallout but their taxes are due, even in a pandemic. 

Property Owners Asked To File Appraisal Protests Online Amid COVID-19

Jun 14, 2020

Bexar Appraisal District officials are urging property owners to protest their appraisals using an online services portal, where the entire process can be handled, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. People can also email or mail in protests to set up an informal meeting with an appraisal district staff member.

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The lines were long and the phones steadily rang at the Bexar County Tax Appraisal District Office on North Frio downtown. Wednesday was the last day to file a protest over the appraised value of a home or business.

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The Bexar County Appraisal District has received about seventy thousand appraisal protests so far and is expecting a total of one hundred thousand, about the same number as last year.




The protest deadline was May 31st, but the Appraisal District, is still processing mailed in protests. Mike Amezquita is the Chief Appraiser.  He says if homeowners aren’t keeping up with real estate transactions in their neighborhoods, they may not know what their homes are actually worth.

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The strategy is called "Dark Stores." Lowe's is suing Bexar County to have its stores assessed as vacant empty buildings and not as vibrant profit generators.

The city of Austin sued its appraisal district–the Travis Appraisal District–last week. But what you might think is a family affair, could have repercussions across the state. 

The lawsuit accuses the appraisal district of undervaluing commercial properties, which they argue puts a greater tax burden on residential properties. Far from disagreeing with the lawsuit, the chief appraisal officer was at the press conference saying the district needs more data from commercial sales to make better appraisals. But that data is constitutionally protected.

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County Manager David Smith on Tuesday presented a budget proposal that maintains the current property tax rate while increasing funding for public safety, the justice system, roads and employee pay and benefits. The $1.69 billion proposed budget includes operating funds of $582 million, capital project funding of $700 million, debt service funding at $133.5 million and contingencies and reserves of $272 million.