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Americans With Disability Act

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Electric scooters are a convenient way to get around San Antonio, until you can't get around them.

As their popularity rises, so do concerns regarding safety and accessibility for people living with disabilities.


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Today, more Texans live in urban areas than ever before. In fact, 8 in 10 of us do. That’s an overwhelming majority.

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The  U.S. Census Bureau estimates that around 40 million Americans, or about 12 percent of the population, are living with a disability. Over the years, the federal government has instituted a number of laws to aid in access, employment, and education for those individuals. But a new bill passed by the U.S. House Thursday will roll back those protections.

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State lawmakers are hearing from the families of children with disabilities.  Families are worried some lawmakers want to cut the rates paid to therapists and now that service may be lost.

Boerne grandmother Bonnie Franzen says it’s expensive to care for children like her grandson who was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus at birth.  

“They’ll have hearing loss or total deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, organ issues, you name it, it affects them," Franzen explains.

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AUSTIN — Disabled students say they were charged with truancy and funneled out of public schools, according to an official complaint they filed Wednesday, accusing 13 districts and the Texas Education Agency of violating federal law.

Three nonprofits — Disability Rights Texas, the National Center for Youth Law and Texas Appleseed — mailed the complaint to the Texas Education Agency on behalf of the students, but are seeking an outside investigator. They accuse the agency and the districts, including those in Austin, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio, of violating the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

The Texas Education Agency declined to comment on the complaint, since it has not yet been received, spokeswoman DeEtta Culberson said.

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is considering whether the Americans With Disabilities Act requires police to take special precautions when trying to arrest armed and violent suspects who are mentally ill.

The justices hear arguments Monday in a dispute over how police in San Francisco dealt with a woman suffering from schizophrenia who had threatened to kill her social worker. Police forced their way into Teresa Sheehan’s room at a group home and then shot her five times after she came at them with a knife.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is showcasing the work of students from around the country who produced short films about service and giving back for a White House contest. The budding filmmakers include a Montana 6-year-old alarmed about climate change, and a group of Chicago high school students who spin a hip-hop yarn of encouragement for peers facing adversity.

A California 17-year-old entered a “sockumentary” about helping the homeless one pair of socks at a time and an 18-year-old from Arizona uses his film to raise awareness about Navajo water rights issues.

From Austin High School in Austin, comes The Archer Hadley Story, about an 18-year-old born with cerebral palsy and his campaign to get wheelchair-accessible doors installed at his Texas school. The teenager raised the money by coming up with a series of wheelchair challenges for other students, asking them to spend a day experiencing life in a wheelchair. The project raised more than $80,000.

SAN ANTONIO — An Animal Care Services spokeswoman says a man has agreed to surrender a monkey he said was his service animal after it bit a bank employee in January. Spokeswoman Lisa Norwood says Louie the juvenile macaque monkey is now living at Primarily Primates, a San Antonio rescue center for primates and other exotic animals.

The man, whose name wasn’t released, had said that Louie should be allowed entrance anywhere like other service animals, such as guide dogs.