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Paris Combo: Building A Relationship With Listeners On "5"

TaDah Records

It is difficult to describe the Paris Combo sound--it encompasses everything from cabaret to Middle Eastern and a whole lot in between, but they are comfortable with the 'World Music' description. Formed in Paris in the mid nineties, they released their first album, 'Paris Combo,' in 1997. Much of their success comes from their vocalist, the irrepressible Belle Du Berry, who also writes the witty lyrics. The guitarist who goes by one name, Potzi, plays Django Rheinhardt style. Other members include David Lewis from Australia, the French percussionist Francois Jeannin, and Mano Razanajato from Madagascar. The album 'Motifs' was released in 2004, and was followed by a six year sabbatical. 2010 found them back in the studio creating the aptly named 'Paris Combo 5.' The lyrics, written by Belle with her usual tongue in cheek approach, deal with love, the beginning, the middle and the end. Another very satisfying and highly enjoyable album. Hopefully 'Paris Combo 6' is not six years away.

Deirdre as born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and her first paid work was at the age of 10 with the BBC as an actress on "Children's Hour." She continued to perform regularly on radio and stage for the next eight years, at which point she was informed by her parents that theater was not an option and she needed "real" work.