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The Source: San Antonio Stakeholders Work To Combat The Dangers Of 'Synthetic Marijuana'

Wikipedia http://bit.ly/2lz3yMc

Local officials and community members are actively working together to address the issue of a new and more potent synthetic cannabinoid on the streets in San Antonio.

The substance is known by many other names including Spice, K2 and Klimax. It's cheap, relatively easy to find and while it can be found city wide, use of the drug is especially concentrated downtown and prevalent among San Antonio's homeless population.

Local health and resource centers have seen an uptick in admissions related to the drug. In a 16-hour period on January 26, emergency care facilities reported 36 percent of cases received from a dispatch call type of "Overdose" were documented with suspicion of or direct history use of synthetic cannabinoids. 

According to local authorities, known side effects include psychosis or "zombie trance," combative behavior, palpitations, high blood pressure, stroke symptons, seizures and even death with a single use. 

What's being done to curb use of dangerous synthetic cannabinoid concoctions in San Antonio?

To learn more about synthetic cannabinoids and how to seek support for substance abuse, click here. To reach the Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center call (210) 246-1300.


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