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The Source: Texas May Be On The Hook For Coal Clean Up

Rennett Stowe
The Texas Tribune


You may not realize it but coal mining is a thing in Texas. It's not a oil or natural gas thing - but it's a thing.
Texas is the nation's sixth largest producer of coal - and the nation's leading producer of lignite coal.

And when they do coal mining in Texas - it's not by going deep into the earth and shoveling out the coal. They are strip mining coal deep in the heart of Texas. There's one just 30 miles from Austin.

And strip mining is destructive - the mining company destroys the area one massive scoop at a time.
And the only way that strip mining is supposed to happen is if the company promises to put the land back and replant - make it nice again.

But what happens if that coal company breaks that promise? - they go bacrupt and walk away?
Who takes over that environmental disaster?


  • NaveenaSadasvam, staff writer for The Texas Observer
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