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The Source: Trans Students And Their Parents Worry About Back To School

Houston ISD

The rhetoric around transgendered students and public school has been at a fever pitch in Texas for months. The state has battled the federal government over its guidance and requirements for accommodating these students. From team sports to bathrooms, the state of Texas wants kids using their original birth certificate to determine what facilities they use.

What has been the impact of the harsh tones lawmakers are using for students who just want to get an education? What are the resources?

The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center is hosting a workshop for parents, students and families called "Son Tus Ninos Tambien" that will host counselors, legal experts, and school officials. It will also feature a panel of parents and teens. The event is Saturday August 13, 2016


  • Elinor Goodwin, grandparent of a trans elementary schooler
  • Lauryn Farris, transgendered woman who adopted a transgendered child
  • Lori Castillo, mother of a transgendered teen
  • Leo Castillo, recently graduated from Jefferson High School
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