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The Source: iHeartMedia, One-Time Media Behemoth, In Court

Hanes Grobe | http://bit.ly/1pceTzA

This week iHeartMedia began litigation in a case that could set a number of precedents, something the company has done for decades. It's battling its own investors, and the outcomes will have big implications for the financial health of a one-time behemoth that went from an annual profit of $935 million a decade ago, to negative $794 million today.  

Once called Clear Channel,  the San Antonio-based media organization redefined the radio landscape. It's business innovations and strategies, while controversial, made a whole lot of money. Consolidating radio stations across the country, diluting localism and DJs, some argue it sowed the seeds of the medium's destruction.

As nearly a decade of quarterly losses have seen the stock price erode to less than a dollar a share, the question remains, how did they get here?


  • Alec Foege, journalist and author of "Right of the Dial: The Rise of Clear Channel and The Fall of Commercial Radio" 
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