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The Source: What Does Open Carry Mean For Businesses?

Courtesy of Diego Bernal Facebook http://on.fb.me/1HnuEqy

On January 1st, Texas will become an open-carry state. Gun owners will be free to show them proudly. The controversial law has many business owners worried about customer reaction to open-carry. Some, like Starbucks and other multi-state businesses have been vocal about keeping guns off their property.  But what options do businesses have under the new law?

The law allows for businesses to post a sign in their windows stating that open carry is not welcome. However, the sign has many legal requirements and are not easily available.

In order to make this option more accessible for business owners, State Representative Diego Bernal has produced copies of the sign and is distributing them to interested establishments. While open carry  groups have accused him of helping people defy the law, Bernal says he is trying to help citizens comply.

What exactly does the law require for businesses opting to go this route? Should businesses be able to restrict open carry?


  • Diego Bernal, State Representative for House District 123
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