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The Source: Alzheimer's Explored In New Play Depicts Caregiver Struggles

WikiCommons http://bit.ly/1KhAsTG

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that takes a toll not only on those diagnosed but also on their caregivers. Caregivers often face extreme difficulty in helping their loved one, managing the financial costs of healthcare, and still living their own lives. 

"I'll Remember For You," a play about a mother and daughter facing Alzheimer's, is based on Lisa Suarez's  experiences taking care of her own mother for the past twelve years.  Suarez not only wrote the play but also is acting in the role of the mother. Pamela Dean Kenny, an actor with the Jump-Start Theater, is playing the daughter. 

The San Antonio Alzheimer's Association is also involved and will be hosting talks and answering question directly after the play. Additionally, the association's Walk to End Alzheimer's event will take place this Saturday. The walk's location and scheduling details can be found online. 


  • Lisa Suarez, playwriter and actor, @LISAntoTX
  • Pamela Dean Kenny, actor with Jumpstart Theater
  • Ginny Funk, Associate Director of Programs and Advocacy for the Alzheimer's Association in San Antonio, @Alzassociation
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