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The Source: The Homeless Feeding Summit

Eric Pouhier http://bit.ly/1I4oIoA

The city of San Antonio continues to grapple with how they deal with homeless individuals and how the world perceives it.

The fracas erupted over the ticketing of a local homeless feeding advocate, Joan Cheever, who for years has been providing food in downtown parks via her Chow Train organization. She was ticketed for lacking a permit which she insists she has.

Furthermore, Cheever says that the city has put a bullseye on the backs of homeless feeding organizations. She isn't the only one feeling under a microscope. The Catholic Worker's House has been cited several times for various infractions that some claim are targeted and unenforced elsewhere.

The motivation? 

Cheever and others believe the city wants all homeless at the Haven For Hope, the centralized campus of homeless serving services on the city's near Westside. 

To try and mend fences and to explore rewriting ordinances, the city held a "Homeless Feeding Summit" on Tuesday. We check in on how it went.


  • Joan Cheever, Chow Train Owner
  • Ron Nirenberg, Council Member for District 8
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