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The Source: Google And The Workplace

Robert Scoble http://bit.ly/1Q20DSP

The American workplace doesn't engage its workers. Almost an equal number of employees surveyed described themselves as completely disengaged from their work (30 percent) as those that said they were engaged (32 percent), in a recent Gallup poll.

Since 2000 U.S. employee engagement has averaged at less than a third of employees.

One of the big reasons, and there are a lot, was managers. Bad managers account for not only people becoming disengaged or lacking inspiration, but it is also one of the leading reasons people move on to other jobs. 

How do top tier companies like Google deal with employee engagement? Well for one thing they eliminated most of the power a manager would have.

"We do everything we can to take power and control and authority away from managers here," said Lazlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google. 

Google does has tried to innovate at many aspects of how it runs its offices worldwide with its tens of thousands of workers. Bock outlines those efforts in his new book "Work Rules! Insights from Inside Google that will Transform How You Live and Lead."

They seem to have had some success getting people to not just punch the clock, but what--if anything--can your office take from Google's efforts?


Lazlo Bock


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