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The Source: Vista Ridge Looks To Pass With Unanswered Questions


The future of San Antonio's water supply may be all but assured by a city council vote tomorrow. The deal would secure 50,000 acre feet of water for the city at a cost of $3.4 billion. Vista Ridge, the company with the water rights, will transport the water 142 miles from Burleson County and the Carrizo Wilcox Aquifer.

The Mayor has already voted affirmatively on  it as a San Antonio Water System board member and many on the council have voiced support, including district 9 Council Member Joe Krier. 

Many unanswered questions remain. Excess water from the 20 percent bump in supply can be sold argue supporters, but will buyers be ready to pay the price San Antonio wants? A 16 percent increase in SAWS rates are expected, but if the water doesn't sell the price goes up. Is this about having enough water or abundant water? What are the environmental impacts for Burleson County?


  • Greg Jefferson, business editor at The San Antonio Express-News
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