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The Source: Missing Students In Mexico Show A Land Of Lawlessness

Flikr User: Jazbeck http://bit.ly/1pVJ7kR

6 dead and 43 students missing from a protest in the town of Iguala in the state of Guerrero have spurred a nation to protest.

The protest on the night of September 26th has since resulted in the mayor and his wife taking flight, the implication of the state governor and the complicity of state and local law enforcement in the possible deaths of the students.

The protests continue in Mexico City and beyond with people numbering in the hundreds of thousands and the burning of government buildings.  A large one scheduled for the Dia de los Muertos. The entire nation is holding its breath says Francisco Goldman, a novelist and journalist living currently in Mexico City. He says the spectacle of the case has revealed the lawlessness of the country and the rampant corruption piercing every government office regardless of political party.


  • Francisco Goldman, journalist and author of "The Interior Circuit"
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