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The Source: Drug Companies Not Fans Of This Spotlight

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  The push to pay doctors to promote a certain drug is being stymied by the spotlight of full disclosure implemented by the 2010 Physician Payment Sunshine Act. According to ProPublica's databases companies have cut as much as a 62 percent from their payments to doctors.

As full-disclosure approaches for the medical device industry, will we see a similar evaporation in promotional payouts? The $110 billion industry, like US pharmaceuticals, is a world leader often touted for its technological advancements. 

Who is paying to get their product into your care? ProPublica has detailed the influence of the healthcare industry on how you are treated in their "Dollars for Docs" series. We speak to them about how the new law is further shedding light on how American healthcare works.


  • Charles Ornstein - Senior Reporter at ProPublica (@charlesornstein)
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