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The Source: The Year In Hate

Southern Poverty Law Center
Hate group numbers have fallen for two consecutive years from record levels in 2011.

Update (3:38 p.m.): We apologize for the change in programming but we were unable to get Mark Potok, the guest for this segment, on the line and we have returned to "All Things Considered" for the second half of "The Source"

2013 saw a decline in the number of active hate groups and hate group members, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). A seven percent drop makes it the first sizeable decrease since the movement's 2009 spike, largely believed to be the result of the first election of President Barack Obama. At 939 groups, the number still reflects a near record level. 

The article "The Year in Hate and Extremism" ran in "Intelligence Reports," the SPLC's quarterly magazine. Every year It tracks the growth and and spread of hate and separatist groups. 

The Ku-Klux Klan, White Supremacists and Black Separatists have all seen their numbers diminish for a number of reasons. Radical right agenda items are co-opted by far-right politicians, the reelection of Barack Obama and the ascent and popularity of gay-rights have taken the wind out of the sails, argues Mark Potok with the SPLC. 

Separatist groups fell even further from last year, dropping 19 percent. Potok argues and improving economy, the predicted "gun-grab" by the feds, among other are the reason.

Texas ranks third in the number of hate groups with 57 identified. California is first with 77 followed by Florida with 58. We further explore the idea of hate and separartist groups and their stagnation. 


  • Mark Potok is editor-in-chief for "Intelligence Reports." Before joining the SPLC he was a writer for several papers: The Miami Herald, The Dallas Times Herald, and USA Today

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