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The Source: Cocktails On The Rise | Alamo Heights, A City At The Crossroads

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Rosemary & Blackberry Bramble Cocktail.

In the first segment:

Yesterday Beam Inc., the company behind Jim Beam and Maker's Mark, was bought for over $13 billion by Japan's Suntory, another large spirit provider. But they didn't buy it because they love whiskey -- this is big business. 

Consumption of American whiskey was up so much in 2013 that a shortage was briefly feared, posting a 5 percent bump between 2011-2012 according to Tecnomic, an spirits' industry analyst.

It isn't just whiskey either, gin, vodka, tequila, you name it, consumption of spirits is up across the board and a resurgence of the cocktail is a big component.  

We talk with Jason Kosmas, author, and classic cocktail movement pioneer. A veteran of several bars, including the well known Employees Only in New York, Kosmas helps us understand the rise of the cocktail.

Also joining us is Cathy Siegel, the director of development for Childsafe, the beneficiary of this year's San Antonio Cocktail Conference, which starts this week.

In the second segment:


Alamo Heights is a city surrounded by cities on the near Northeast Side of San Antonio. Known for its quiet, high-end neighborhoods and a good school district, the city hasn't seen a major commercial development in over a decade.

In fact, several residents see a city on the decline, unable to hold onto its retail venders as increased competition from The Quarry, The Pearl, the 1604 corridor and downtown.  

It was with this in mind that the city started looking at how to energize their commercial core, a conversation that started more than 11 years ago. Several communities plans later and not much has changed.

A new development, the Alamo Heights Gateway Project, which is eyeing the corner of Broadway and Austin Highway as a location, has divided the community with strong opinions, honest reservations and the future vision of Alamo Heights at the core of the debate.  

We talk with Edmond Ortiz, staff writer at the "San Antonio Express-News," who has been following the months long development process.

Rick Archer also joins us. He is an Alamo Heights resident as well as principle at Overland Partners and was lead architect on the Alamo Heights Gateway Project.

Bill Kiel is a resident and former city council member.

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