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The Source: Opposing Gun Groups Square Off, One Armed | "Wilson" By A. Scott Berg

Paul Flahive / TPR
Open Carry Texas members protesting at the Alamo earlier this year.

In the first segment:

The private meeting of a gun safety advocacy group at a suburban Arlington eatery became tense this weekend when members of Open Carry Texas showed up to protest, according to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

According to Moms Demand Action, the group of between 20-35 mostly men found out where the unpublicized meeting was going to take place and then waited in the parking lot of the Blue Mesa Grill with shotguns, long rifles, and assault-style rifles. They waited for 45 minutes then marched to Cowboy Stadium before returning to the restaurant. The group of three women who were attending the meeting left while the march was going on.

One Open Carry Texas member stated via email that it wasn't a protest, saying: "Simply exercising a right isn't a protest."

A Moms Demand Action statement disputes that reasoning, saying it was obviously intended to intimidate them. According to the group, the women present at the meeting are not returning any emails to them because they are terrified of what happened.

Do the actions of Open Carry constitute intimidation considering that a member allegedly misrepresented themselves to learn the location of the meeting and then the group showed up armed? Will the action have a chilling affect at Moms Demand Action?

We're joined by a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, who doesn't want to be identified due to a fear of further harassment. Reid Davis with Open Carry will join us in the later portion of the segment.

In the second segment:


Woodrow Wilson, the often misunderstood 28th president of the United States, passed the most sweeping progressive agenda in a generation. Monopolies were rolled back, labor laws were strengthened, and American internationalism was born under this man who had only two years' experience as public servant.

"No one had less 'experience' than Woodrow Wilson. I suggest that it's the most meteoric rise in U.S. history, that a man came from virtual obscurity being a college president who'd written some books, and within two years he's president of the United States. He used to say he ran for public office to get out of academia. He said politics was child's play next to that." - A. Scott Berg in Conversation with LA Times

A. Scott Berg, winner of the Pulizer Prize, wrote a new biography of the man he believes most of 20th century history was built upon, though overshadowed by his contemporaries who often had the last name Roosevelt.

We talk with A. Scott Berg about his new book, and the author is giving a reading at the San Antonio Express-News Book & Author Luncheon.

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