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The Source: UT Regent Oversight Or Overreach? | Chasing The Superbug

Marsha Miller
University of Texas
Students walk across campus

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Today the investigation into a controversial University of Texas regent begins hearing testimony. Wallace Hall has made few friends since being appointed to the board, but what has brought him to the brink of possible impeachment? It would be the first in Texas history as a non-elected official.

The past few years at the University of Texas have been rocky and not just for the football team. Behind the ivory and Indiana limestone a fight over reform has been getting downright confrontational.

A series of unpopular changes were advocated by a contingent of regents appointed by Gov. Rick Perry as tuition shot up and budgets were slashed.  The changes were billed as lowering costs, improving transparency and increasing efficiency.

As the governor sought a $10,000 degree, the faculty and administration saw what they described as a degradation of quality that would leave the flagship university measurably less. Hall has been at the forefront of independent investigations into the finances of faculty and foundations. His style has been described as hostile by those familiar with his work on the board.  

Early in the last legislative session several lawmakers began asking questions and moving to unseat the Hall, finally calling for an impeachment investigation. Reeve Hamilton has been following the story and joins us from the hearings in Austin.

UT alumus and prominent Dallas lawyer R. Gordon Appleman is concerned about the school and how it has and will be affected by reform. He sits on the advisory council for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.
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A new Frontline special is tracking the rise of one of the most powerful and drug-resistant bacteria running through our nation's hospitals.

Award-winning journalist and Frontline contributor David Hoffman joins us to talk about his investigation.

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