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The Source: City Council Pay | The No-Fly List

San Antonio City Hall
Ryan Loyd
TPR News
San Antonio City Hall

In the first segment:

The city of San Antonio pays city council member $20 per meeting, but cities like Houston pay their council members over $50,000 a year.  

Advocates for change say the job, which demands a lot of time -- often more than a full-time job -- should pay a full-time wage.

Does city council pay affect the quality and diversity of candidates we get for the council? Can only the wealthy and retired afford to take a job that pays so little?

In the second segment:


When we think about travel restrictions like the No-Fly list, most of us think that it is the result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. While today's model does have roots on that day, it isn't the first time the U.S. government has used widespread travel restrictions controlled by secretive and opaque policies -- dating back to the beginnings of the Cold War.  

In his book "Mrs. Shipley's Ghost: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watch Lists," Jeffrey Kahn traces these programs back to their source and interprets our rights to travel and national security. Kahn joins us to talk about how these programs and lists are still in a legal limbo being challenged in courts across the country.

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