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The Source: The Flood & The Suburban Poor

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Now that the flood waters are receding, what are the takeaways from this weekend's storms? Join us as representatives from San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio Water System, along with City Emergency Manager Larry Trevino and County Commissioner Kevin Wolff talk about the impacts and the successes in combating the rain.

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The last 10 years are sometimes called the "lost decade," and have mired the country in debt that we are only now starting to climb out of.  The incidence of poverty has jumped in America, and you might be surprised to see where it has grown most.  

According to a new book by Brookings Institute,the largest jump is in the suburbs rather than the urban core of cities.  The reality is that the rate of poverty has grown nationwide at more than twice the rate as that of the city core.  

We are now having to deal with dispersed communities far from government services. How do we confront suburban poverty? Elizabeth Kneebone, lead author of the study and book, joins us to talk about this shift.

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