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The Source: Redeveloping San Antonio

Eileen Pace
Texas Public Radio

In the first segment:

The redevelopment of Hemisfair has an estimated $ 1 billion pricetag, and battles over whether or not to allow a new hotel on the property have gone from the statehouse back to San Antonio.

Andres Andujar, CEO of the Hemisfair Area Redevelopment Corporation joins us to address the issues, update listeners on the progress, and give some vision on what the effect of the redevelopment will be.

In the second segment:


The natural life cycle of a neighborhood in the average American city follows a few different tracks, one of which is the following: 

Warehouses once used to store goods sit idly, until they are rented by artists for studio space. Over years the area attracts more artists, and shops serving those new residents pop up, making the area an interesting and hip part of town. Eventually the growth takes the next step and property developers purchase land and lots and begin building housing. Then rents go up, and artists move out, unable to afford higher rent.

We have recently seen this scenario play out in the success at the Blue Star complex. You can read a great article on it by the Express-news. One solution to this issue of artists unable to reap what they sowed is for them to own their own buildings or for a group to own it for them.  You have seen these organizations from Houston to Minneapolis' Artspace, profiled in this Fastcompany article.  

As artists and theatre companies leave the Blue Star Complex they are finding new homes, and some are taking the hint and buying their own buildings. Bill Fitzgibbons and Alex Comminos join us to talk about the new Lonestar Art District.

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