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The Source: Carlton Soules, The Voice Of Caution On City Council

Ryan Loyd
TPR News
Municipal Plaza Building

There are aggressive programs underway in San Antonio to redevelop downtown, push education opportunities, improve transportation, deal with water issues, be on the cutting edge of green initiatives and attract job providers.

There is little disagreement on city council about the direction of San Antonio, but there is divergence about how to bring these programs to the people, how to fund them and what constitutes success.

One of the biggest voices in city hall who is quick to question conventional wisdom about municipal initiatives is District 10 City Councilman Carlton Soules.

"I want to not get characterized as the guy that always says, 'No,' there is a lot of things that we want to do, but we are constrained by reality. Here's my concern: We are a growing city. We have a lot of needs, we have a lot of infrastructure to take care of but we do not have a growing revenue stream... So my focus is asking people to slow down and make sure we are taking care  of the basic things we need to take care of first before we start adding pressure to the general fund."

Soules plans to be in city council to continue his role as the voice of opposition for Castro. He has not officially announced his re-election plans, but made them clear when interviewed in his district office earlier this week.

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