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Texas Matters: State Electric Car Incentive Program Runs Out Of Gas

On Friday The Obama administration announced plans to tighten fuel-economy standards for heavy trucks, buses and vans.

That’s the transportation sector that contributes a quarter of the greenhouse-gas pollution emitted by U.S. vehicles each year.

The proposed regulations would require truck manufacturers to dramatically improve engine efficiency over the next 12 years.

It’s an effort to cut down on fuel consumption and emissions blamed for global warming.

The federal government is also fighting climate change with incentives for electric vehicles.

Texas also has an electric car incentive program but it’s coming to an end at 5 pm on June 26th. Buzz Smith blogs about electric cars and says people need to act fast to get that incentive.

For more information on the TexasLight-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive (LDPLI)Program 

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