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Christmas In San Antonio And South Texas

San Antonio River Authority
Museum Reach is all lit up for the holidays.

Texas Matters: The holidays are a time of stories. There is the divine story of the birth of Jesus and the almost infinite volume of personal stories from each of our families. There's the story of the magic of Christmas seen a child's eyes, then told many years later after that child became an adult. Texas Matters pauses to listen to those stories and we encourage you to tell your stories to your loved ones.

* This program originally aired on November 27, 2009.

A Remembrance Of The Holidays

  • Luisa Benavides - "Laredo Christmas Story"

The Mujeres writers group in San Antonio share their childhood holiday stories.

  • "Feliz Navidad: Christmas en La Calle Matamoros" by Mary Olivia Patiño
  • "White Christmas in South Texas" by Belza Elia Ramos
  • "Hard Candy People" by Janie Alonso
  • " Why?" by Maria Gabriela Madrid
  • "Christmas Games" by Edna Kitchen