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Sammy Miller Is In A (Jazz) Loving Mood

Jessica Watkins
Sammy Miller and the Congregation, Live At Jazz, TX.

When Sammy Miller and the Congregation returned to Jazz, TX only days before Valentine’s Day, the bandleader was in a wistful, romantic mood.

“[On] the first night of our first tour, we were in Chicago and I met a girl… I was like, ‘yeah I'm gonna be meeting women the whole time on tour!’ And I'm still with that first girl I met, the first night of tour three years ago,” he said to coos of delight from the audience. “And I am very faithful. You can ask the four to five girls I've been with since then!”

Miller loves to pull the rug out for comedic effect, but he’s serious about his girl Misha, and serious about making great music with his bandmates. They spend a lot of time on the road.

“Joking aside, you know, people giving up their holidays their Christmases, their New Year's. All these things that are important experiences you have with the women and the men you love,” Miller said. “But we choose to spend it with each other, because we love doing what we do in front of new people.”

“Live at Jazz, TX” airs Saturday nights at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio, or you can get a sneak peek of their newest music using the audio player below.

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