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Jane Monheit Serenades San Antonio

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As singer Jane Monheit opened up her first set at Jazz, TX last January, she gushed about the club and the historic Pearl Brewery, “It’s absolutely beautiful! This entire compound… I’ve been here for three days. I’m not leaving! Someone needs to tell my husband and son to find some help or something, ‘cause I’m staying here!”

The relaxed atmosphere of Jazz, TX suited Monheit well, who told stories and cracked jokes from the stage in between classic standards like “It’s All Right With Me” and “Over the Rainbow,” as well as the Brazilian bossa nova and samba she performs so well. Monheit told club owner Doc Watkins she grew up on Long Island, in a family that valued music and the arts. Her father plays bluegrass banjo, her mother was in musical theater, and her grandmother was a singer. Growing up, Monheit saw “tons of bluegrass shows,” as well as opera, ballet, and Broadway musicals.

In fact, she was so invested in singing from an early age that she admitted, “I’ve never had another job. I never even babysat.”

She started out singing local gigs, and at age 18, debuted her jazz chops at the famed Rainbow Room in New York. Since then, everything has led up to… Texas! “I’m from New York. I live in L.A. I have no allegiance here,” Monheit said. “Texas is literally…. You guys are the best audiences in the country!”

Right back atcha, Jane.

You can hear Jane Monheit on "Live At Jazz, TX" this Saturday night at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio, or get a preview in the audio player below. Jane Monheit's most recent album is the 2016 release, "The Songbook Sessions: Ella Fitzgerald."

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