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On Fronteras: Refugee Resettlement Funding, Homes For Homeless, Santa Fe Lacks Affordable Housing

Ed Williams
"I live on the bus, practically," said Santa Fe native Theresa C De Baca, who has been priced out of the downtown area.

·         This week on Fronteras:  Texas is a popular relocation area for refugees but the agencies that resettle them may lose their federal funding.
·         Saving the city money is the idea behind building tiny houses for the homeless in Dallas.
·         The cost of living in Santa Fe ​ New Mexico,​ is so high, many of the capital city’s low-income residents are getting pushed out. A special two-part report.
·         Diverse voters find common ground in San Diego.

Texas Can Withhold Federal Funds For Refugee Resettlement
A non-binding legal opinion issued by state Attorney General Ken Paxton could prompt funding issues for Texas refugee resettlement agencies.  Paxton’s opinion states that Texas can withhold federal funding to non-profit refugee resettlement groups if these groups ignore the state’s security verification program for Syrian and Iraqi refugees being sent here.  Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe has details.
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Tiny Houses For Homeless Saves Dallas Money
While refugees want to resettle here, there are many residents of large American cities also looking for a place to call home.  In Dallas, there’s a new effort to get some of its most vulnerable people off the streets. Fifty tiny houses will soon be home to 50 of the city’s most expensive homeless.  KERA’s Courtney Collins takes a look at what that term means, how much this project costs… and how developers say it could end up saving the city money.
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Affordable Rent Scarce In Santa Fe
In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the issue affecting housing is the cost of living.  It  has gotten more and more expensive over the years. Today, home prices in New Mexico’s capital city are higher than almost anywhere else in the state. So, what happens when people don’t earn enough to sustain the price of residing there?  KUNM’s Ed Williams has a two-part special report.
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Santa Fe Developments Pushing Some Residents Out
Santa Fe is an expensive place to live. But it’s also an expensive place to build. Affordable housing and the bottom line of developers often clash.  KUNM’s Ed Williams has more in part two of his report.
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Diverse San Diego Voters Find Common Ground
San Diego is a city that can have very diverse neighborhoods within a couple of miles of  each other.  The residents can be quite the opposite in terms of heritage and income.  But despite their differences, some voters there are finding common ground when talking politics.  Megan Burks of KPBS explores their views.
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