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Border Medical Residency Program Aims To Fill Doctor Gap

Photo courtesy of the Denton Record-Chronicle. (2012)
Dr. Adrian Billings, chief medical officer of Presidio County Health Services, speaks to attendees of a community health clinic in Marathon, Texas.

Fronteras: Rural regions are suffering from a lack of doctors. We look at a new medical residency program on the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite obstacles, solar is gaining ground in some parts of Texas. A conversation with West Texas/Jeff Davis County Sheriff Rick McIvor about Gov. Rick Perry's plan to send Texas National Guard troops to the border. And a commentary about a life crossing borders and checkpoints.

Despite Obstacles, Solar Gains Ground In Texas

Solar energy advocates and state regulators appear to be split on just how much help to give this growing industry. As it stands, there aren't any state mandates specifically for solar production -- and the head of the Public Utilities Commission says Congress should end solar’s 30% federal tax credit.

Despite that landscape, solar is breaking through in parts of Texas.

As part of Marfa Public Radio's week-long look at solar's future in Texas, Lorne Matalon reports the industry is providing models that renewable energy advocates hope will resonate across the state -- starting with the price of solar power.

First Rural Medical Residency Opens On U.S.-Mexico Border

There is a crisis in the nation’s healthcare system. A lack of doctors is a problem throughout the U.S. but it is felt most acutely in rural regions. Now a possible solution to help make up this deficit has made its way to the Texas-Mexico border for the first time. Paige Phelps of Marfa Public Radio reports.

Escondido Again Denies Permit For Migrant Youth Shelter

The Southern California city of Escondido has reaffirmed its opposition to allowing a shelter for migrant children in the country illegally to open there. The commission heard some two hours of testimony from pro-immigrant activists, who hoped to change the commission's decision on the issue.

Fronteras reporter Jill Replogle  says the crowd at the hearing was very different during the city's first hearing on the shelter.

Chairman Of Border Sheriffs Coalition Says National Guard Troops Won't Solve Humanitarian Crisis

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he is  sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the border in response to the influx of Central American migrants. Perry says the troops are needed to protect against threats from Mexican drug cartels and other criminals. But the Chairman of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition says it's an unnecessary move. 

For Fronteras, Travis Bubenik spoke with West Texas/Jeff Davis County Sheriff Rick McIvor about Perry's plan. 

Commentary: A Life Crossing Borders & Checkpoints 

The planned increase of boots on the ground along the border is  a fearsome prospect to some who feel Gov. Perry is merely politicizing the issue without offering much needed aid to the thousands of young immigrants, many who are telling people here they fled for their lives. 

Fronteras commentator Yvette Benavides tells us about her life of crossing borders and checkpoints and offers her point of view.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.