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Despite Water Crisis, Some Arizona Farmers Are Exporting Crops

Laurel Morales
Some of Yuma County's alfalfa will go to feedlots and dairies in the region. Others will be shipped overseas to China, where the demand for hay has grown.

Fronteras: As California struggles with its water crisis and the rest of the southwest deals with drought, some criticize Arizona farmers for exporting some of their crops overseas. In the final part of our series "Pipe Dreams" we look at the controversy of indirectly exporting water overseas. A new lawsuit in Arizona federal court is trying to block new state abortion restrictions from taking effect on April 1. What's at stake in that state's latest legal fight over abortion? Also, crowded college classrooms have some U.S. students heading south of the border for their higher education.

Planned Parenthood Sues Over Arizona Abortion Restrictions

Starting April 1, the Arizona Department of Health Services is poised to implement new abortion regulations. But Planned Parenthood is asking a judge to stop them. KJZZ’s Jude Joffe-Block explains the debate is over how doctors perform one particular type of abortion.

Funding For Developmental Disability Services Still Stalled

Thousands of people with developmental disabilities in New Mexico have been waiting -- some for more than 10 years -- to receive the full spectrum of services available through a government program. Deborah Martinez reports from Albuquerque for Fronteras.

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San Diego Students Looking For Shorter Time To Degree Head Across Border

Finishing a bachelor's degree at one of California's public universities in four years has gotten harder, and competition for seats in the states' over-enrolled classes has students looking across the Mexican border. Fronteras correspondent Kyla Calvert reports from San Diego.

Despite Water Crisis, Some Farmers Export Crops

Federal officials are cutting off water to some California farms stuck in the worst drought on record. At the same time Arizona farmers are irrigating their fields with the diminishing Colorado River. They’re using the water to grow most of the country’s winter vegetables, and even shipping some crops to China.

In the final part of our series "Pipe Dreams" we look at the controversy of indirectly exporting water overseas. From the Changing America Desk, Laurel Morales reports.

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