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Most Mexican Meth Enters U.S. Via San Diego, Use On The Rise

Jill Replogle

Fronteras: San Diego is the number one entry point for Mexican methamphetamine making its way to cities and towns across the U.S. The Honor Guard does more than post and salute the flag at a funeral, this week they are standing vigil with the 19 fallen firefighters in Prescott, Arizona. Also, border agents are having to race to find lost migrants in the desert who are sick and some are dying from the heat.

Opposition To Border Surge Splits Congressional Hispanic Caucus

The debate over immigration reform has shifted to the GOP-led Congress and this week President Obama met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss how they might proceed. As David Martin Davies explains, there is some division in the caucus over border security.

San Diego Is Biggest Entry Point For Mexican Meth

During a recent five-year period, three times more methamphetamine was seized at San Diego ports of entry than all other U.S.-Mexico border crossings combined. Meth seizures this year are on track to far surpass 2012. As Jill Replogle, from our Fronteras Desk reports, that’s despite laws in both countries designed to crack down on the drug.

Thousands Honor Fallen Yarnell Firefighters at Memorial

Just days after nineteen sons and husbands were killed on the job in Yarnell, Arizona people from around the country came together for a massive public memorial. As Nick Blumberg reports, thousands of first responders, community members, and volunteers honored their sacrifice and made it clear that the people who have lost loved ones are far from alone.

Honor Guard Watches Over Firefighters

There were five funerals Wednesday in Prescott, Ariz., and there will be 19 in all for the men who met their fate battling the Yarnell Hill Fire. At each service there will be a special honor guard who will post the American flag and salute their fallen brother.

They are a ceremonial guard, carefully chosen from among military, safety and law enforcement, to provide funeral honors for fallen comrades. It may seem like a formal gesture. From the Changing America Desk in Prescott, Laurel Morales reports that it's much more.

Flights To Return Mexican Deportees To Interior Resume

Immigration officials have resumed a program to fly Mexican deportees into the interior of the country. From Phoenix Jude Joffe-Block reports the first flight returned 133 people to Mexico City on Thursday.

Soaring Temperatures Threaten Migrants In The Desert

With summer temperatures soaring in the Arizona desert and across the Southwest, immigrants crossing the border illegally are finding themselves in trouble. U.S. Border Patrol trauma agents already rescued hundreds of people in the weeks before the first day of summer. Fronteras Desk correspondent Michel Marizco recently spent time with those agents and filed this report.