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San Antonio Veteran Channels War Experience Through Creative Writing

Chris Eudaily

An interview with combat veteran Chris Hernandez of San Antonio, who talks about how writing has helped him sort through his experiences at war. ICE has released hundreds of immigrants in recent days, immigrants who are now making their way back home. Stores that cater to the growing minority groups are doing well as the country’s demographics continue to change. We look at the secrets of one highly successful, family-owned supermarket chain.

Hundreds of Immigrant Detainees Return To Families

Hundreds of immigrants are heading back to their families after being released from U.S. detention centers. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it released low-risk detainees for budget reasons as federal lawmakers grapple with the threat of automatic sequestration cuts. Fronteras Desk reporter Jude Joffe Block caught up with some people in Phoenix who’ve just had their first taste of freedom in a long time.

Latino Grocery Chain Profits with Changing Demographics

The collective buying power of the Latino population in the U.S. will reach an estimated $1.5 trillion  in 2015, and market research says they will be spending a lot of that money on food. From the Fronteras Desk, Jill Replogle tells us about one family business whose growth banks on Latinos' love for home-cooked food and food from the home country.

Writer From San Antonio Sheds Light on Afghanistan War

Chris Hernandez has 24 years of U.S. military experience. He started off in the Marine Reserves and then switched to the Army National Guard in 1995. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan – most recently at the end of 2009. Hernandez' story, "I Won't Change Them" was published in Deserts + Mountains, Stories from the Veteran Writers Workshop of VetArts Cooperative. He spoke openly with TPR's Crystal Chavez about his time overseas and how it has shaped his writing.