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Where Does the American West Begin?

David Amram

Ask a dozen people "where does the American West begin?" and you are apt to get a dozen different answers. Ask four people that same question, as I recently did, and you might get a half dozen opinions (or more), as I did. Voodoo math? I don't think so. It's more to do with the complexity of the question and the (perhaps) impossibility of an answer. Nevertheless, it's interesting. Listen for answers by Jennifer Chowning and Sharon Garcia, from The Briscoe Western Art Museum, TPR's Nathan Cone, and composer David Amram. David even gets a soundtrack from Woody Guthrie.

Hear colorful descriptions of objects at The Briscoe Western Art Museum and colorful music depicting the American West Friday evenings from 7-8 on KPAC-88.3 FM. The ongoing series "Let's Rodeo: Music and Art from The Briscoe," hosted and produced by James Baker, continues through the end of February.

James first introduced himself to KPAC listeners at midnight on April 8, 1993, presenting Dvorak's 7th Symphony played by the Cleveland Orchestra. Soon after, he became the regular overnight announcer on KPAC.