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Jeremy Heimans: How Can We Harness Technology To Fuel Social Change?

Part 3 of theTED Radio Hour episode Changing The World.

About Jeremy Heimans's TED Talk

In the digital age, the power of the collective has led to movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. Jeremy Heimans discusses how we can continue to use what he calls "new power" to drive activism.

About Jeremy Heimans

Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a global organization that builds and supports movements for a more open, just, and habitable world.

He is co-founder of GetUp!, an Australian political organization, as well as Avaaz, a global web movement that aims to bring people-powered politics to decision-making by harnessing the power of the online collective.

Heimans is co-author of the 2018 book New Power. He was educated at Harvard University and the University of Sydney, and began his career as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company.

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