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Alan Weinkrantz Remembered As San Antonio's Original Tech Sector Promoter

Courtesy Photo
Alan Weinkrantz with Nan Palmero, marketing manager at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Tributes continue to pour into Facebook for Tech PR specialist, Alan Weinkrantz, who is credited for a major role in getting traction for San Antonio's tech sector.

Dozens of people called Weinkrantz their friend, and for a myriad of reasons.

Describing him as one of the gentlest people one would ever meet, Tech Bloc CEO David Heard says even 17 years ago when they met, Alan Weinkrantz was ahead of the technology curve in San Antonio -- and globally.

“Our tech industry was very small – we had more of a bio tech scene than an IT- software scene. But I met him and while the San Antonio tech industry was growing up, he augmented his work with clients in Israel.”

Heard says Weinkrantz also is credited with establishing a presence in Israel for Rackspace, which now has grown from a small partnership in San Antonio to a worldwide hosting company.

Killed by a driver who reports said may have had a heart attack, Weinkrantz died along with two others who were sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Tel Aviv when it happened. He died hours before he would have celebrated Father's day, and although his two children were in New York, they were very close, as seen by his son's posts over the weekend.

Heard says the entire tech community, from coders to cyber-security experts, are saddened by the tech-preneur's death...a memorial is expected to be announced.

Remembrances of Alan Weinkrantz:

“Alan was a global citizen who gave his most valuable asset, time, away joyfully around the world. He contributed his gifts of encouragement, humor and help. The outpouring of love and laughter due to his passing is a reflection of his investment in humanity internationally.”     – Nan Palmero, Marketing Manager, Texas A&M University - San Antonio

“When I think of Alan I think of his eyes, his smile, his energy, his love of life and his love of all people. When I talked to him last, his love of his children and his immense pride of them came thru. He always asked about Emma and how he could help. Alan was a good man. Somehow Alan seemed childlike. Even though he was a constant world traveler, he seemed to look at things with such wonder and joy. Happiness surrounded him.” -    Kemp Davis, photographer

His global work: Tel Aviv is more than 7,000 miles from San Antonio, but Alan glided seamlessly between the two cities, weaving stories about both cultures in a way that formed a quilt of humanity. It was the everyday anecdotes he told – such as the woman on a bus in Israel who handed Alan her baby 'as if we were family' while she wrestled the baby’s carseat — that connected us all. - Donna Tuttle, Creative Director, PACE Communications

His quirky sense of humor: Alan was a true member of the 'squirrel' club. He was one of those rare people who could riff off of a random idea and keep the bizarre thread of conversation going for days. He embraced his silly. After I posted a Facebook item about Spam being the gift of choice in South Korea, Alan and I exchanged a week of emails between the fake Mr. Weinkrantz and Mrs. Tuttle, who both were indignant that the gelatinous meat was not available. When I met him at breakfast at Olmos Pharmacy, he showed up with Spam in a Neiman Marcus bag and kept the schtick up the entire visit. I will miss his delightful hijinks so much. - Donna Tuttle, Creative Director, PACE Communication

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