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Two Fatal Police Shootings Occur In San Antonio On Tuesday

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There were two fatal police shootings on Tuesday in San Antonio.

The first incident happened just after 4 p.m. inside a VIA bus.

Two officers were called about an armed man who was on a bus traveling on San Pedro Avenue near West Olmos, according to VIA Transit Police Chief Mark Witherell.

Witherell said that when the VIA Transit officers arrived and boarded the bus, “something transpired” and officers opened fire on the man, killing him. He did not elaborate on what transpired. He said four to six others were on board the bus at the time but no one else was injured.

The shooting investigation will be conducted by the San Antonio Police Department. A new SAPD policy calls for body camera footage of police shootings to be released within 60 days, or for the department to provide a reason for withholding the video. In the past, body cam footage has contradicted local law enforcement's preliminary statements about certain shootings.

Another incident occurred at a home on the South Side. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said officers were called to the home at 6 p.m. with reports of a shooting.

McManus said the homeowner and a friend were in a shed in the homeowner’s backyard when the shooter drove up to the home and fired at the shed. Police said the homeowner was killed but the friend escaped.

When officers arrived at the scene and entered the property, they were met with gunfire coming from the person they say shot and killed the homeowner. Police then fired back and killed the shooter, according to McManus.

Police said they were investigating a motive.

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