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During our season once a month, 7 storytellers will have 7 minutes to tell a true story from their life around a common theme.

Think This American Life or The Moth, but sourced from your friends and neighbors. Public Radio tries daily to educate San Antonio about the world, now we want San Antonio to tell us about itself and its people.

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Elena Souris

Major General Angela Salinas joined the U.S. Marine Corps for all the right reasons. She wanted to serve her country. She wanted to be a part of something big. Also, the recruiter was very attractive. 

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Anna Vasquez was convicted and served 13 years for a crime that appears to have never taken place. She is one of the San Antonio Four, a group of four women convicted of aggravated sexual assault of two girls. The scandalous crime told of satanic orgies and perversions, and after almost 20 years, one of the girls recanted her testimony.

The forensic science that helped convict the women proved as spurious as the accusations, and all of the women were released from jail two years ago. They await a new trial, with no promise of exoneration.

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Gabriel Luera is a playwright, but as he tells us in this story, living his dream was not a simple thing. With his marriage in ashes, an undriveable car, and family tragedy swirling around him, Gabriel was not in the right head space to get through his graduate program.

Gabriel told this story at our Feb. 2 show, with the theme "Big Mistakes."

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From the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jeanette never really liked the ocean. After being assigned to Fiji for the Peace Corps, she thought that might change. A whimsical trip in a solo kayak didn't make a good case for changing her mind. 

Jeanette told this story at our Feb. 2 show, with the theme "Big Mistakes."

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Dealing with the emotional turmoil of his divorce, Carlos took to the stage with stand-up routines that doubled as therapy. Bitterness and anger ease, but being vulnerable again is something he wasn't sure he would be ready for again. Carlos told the Worth Repeating crowd how faith and comedy, and faith in his comedy helped.Carlos told this story at our Feb. 2 show, with the theme "Big Mistakes." 

Elena Souris

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At 53, the last thing Ken Slavin would have expected was quitting his job. But a negative work life and a bad relationship with his boss, led the executive-level worker to walk out one day and never go back (except he went back to sign some paperwork...but never after that). Ken told the Worth Repeating audience about the grueling 15 months that came next.

Ken told this story at our Feb. 2 show, with the theme "Big Mistakes."

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Leslie Price is a Lutheran Minister at Christ Lutheran Church of Alamo Heights. In the course of her work, she has comforted many and counseled them through tough times. When it came time for her to be counseled and comforted, she realized how important the truth - no matter how ugly or unvarnished - would become to her.

dru | photography | http://facebook.com/druphoto

Greg Jefferson was formerly the business editor and columnist at the San Antonio-Express News.