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When The Song 'Becomes Your Own'

Jun 28, 2018

Pianist Chris Villanueva’s quartet is joined by vocalist Jacqueline Sotelo for this week’s set on “Live At Jazz, TX.” Sotelo says of the hundreds of standards in the jazz repertoire, she chooses her favorites based on “how a song makes you feel and how it speaks to your soul.”

Sotelo continues, “After working through it, after listening to it over and over, [a song] eventually becomes your own.”

Villanueva, who counts Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson among his influences, says working the jazz scene in San Antonio is unique because of the cross-pollination of musical styles that happens in South Texas. He says he grew up listening to Tejano and mariachi music long before he discovered jazz. “I can’t tell you how inspired I’ve been with all sorts of different styles and genres,” Villanueva says.

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