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'Wait Wait' Comes To San Antonio

Apr 15, 2019

Public radio’s oddly informative news quiz, “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” finally made it to San Antonio this month, with Peter Sagal, Bill Kurtis, and special guest, veteran journalist Dan Rather, who appeared in a special segment based on his infamous “Ratherisms.”

Also asked by Peter Sagal if when watching television he ever misses being the one asking hard-hitting questions, Rather replied to laughter, “Like every second.”

Listen to segments from the show in the audio players below, including the popular “Bluff the Listener” game and “Who’s Bill This Time?” As the show closes, our panelists try to predict what scientists will find when they zoom in on that photo of the black hole that was released last week.

Legendary newsman Dan Rather plays "Not My Job."
Credit Cindy Kelleher

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