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TxDOT, City Of San Antonio Look For Bandera Road Fixes

Apr 28, 2019

San Antonio and Leon Valley's portion of State Highway 16 – better known as the Bandera Road corridor – is a problem area for drivers. 

A particular stretch of Bandera Road between I-410 and Loop 1604 is the eighth most congested road in the region, ranked within the top 70 most congested in the state according to the Texas Department of Transportation.  

State and local officials are searching for solutions to relieve congestion and ease the flow of traffic. Previous proposals have considered various fixes to the area, keeping in mind concerns about property taxes, the effect on area businesses and the cost of improvements.

To begin a renewed planning process, TxDOT recently conducted a survey of the area to analyze traffic data, research potential improvements and develop community priorities.

These findings will be paired with the City of San Antonio's first attempt at a "corridor plan" to assess existing conditions, including land use and opportunies to improve efficiency, safety and economic development for the area.

What are the challenges and opportunities for Bandera Road? What kind of infrastructure and investment is needed to make this community plan possible? 

View a map of the TXDot project here. Details on the April 29 community meeting can be found here. View a simulation of the latest TxDOT improvement on Bandera Road below: 


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This interview aired on Monday, April 29, 2019.