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Tips, Tricks And Helpful Hints For Your Winter Garden

Sep 25, 2019

Though it still feels like summer in Texas, believe it or not, it's time to plant your winter garden. What do you need to know to get started or keep your existing garden flourishing throughout the winter months? 

The difference between having a green or brown thumb boils down to understanding the basics and putting what you learn into practice.

Which plants are winter-blooming and how should you prepare? What steps should you take to protect your lawn? 

It's almost the end of what looks to be the hottest September on record. How could the late arrival of cooler temperatures impact your gardening plans?

Whether you're a proven horticulturist or new to gardening, what questions do you have about winter gardening in and around San Antonio?

Guest: David Rodriguez, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agent for horticulture in Bexar County

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, September 26.