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Think Science: STEAM

Sep 23, 2016

For years, STEM has been primary school education’s shiny penny. It’s a focus on developing students and teachers’ talents in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, with an eye toward readying young minds for the jobs of the future.  President Barack Obama’s dream is for American students to “move from the middle of the top in science and math.”

But what about the arts? Studies have shown that students who participate in school-sponsored or extracurricular arts activities excel in other fields of study. For example, each year the Texas Music Educators’ Association touts its’ All-State student SAT scores.

There’s now a move, championed by the Rhode Island School of Design, to make sure arts aren’t left behind in the education discussion, and to turn STEM into STEAM.

What are the benefits that come with arts education? How can parents and teachers incorporate the arts into their curriculum and daily studies? What are the challenges that schools face in a world of tight budgets?

At Think Science: STEAM, we’ll talk to educators, parents, and researchers about STEAM power. Join us for a lively discussion on Friday, November 18 at the Pearl Studio. The presentation begins promptly at noon, and lasts until 1:00 p.m. Box lunches will be available for purchase from Spice of Life Catering.


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