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Think Science: Sleep

Nov 17, 2017

If you don’t get enough of it, you’ll develop health problems. If you do it too much, people think there’s something wrong with you.

Sleep is something our body needs just the right amount of. But why? And to what purpose?

TPR’s Think Science discussion held on November 17, 2017 was all about sleep. A trio of sleep researchers and professionals share the reasons our body needs sleep, what happens to our body when we’re out for the night, and recommendations for healthy sleep habits. We’ll also talk about the various factors that can impact our sleep such as stress, disease, drugs/alcohol, and others. [Listen in the audio above, and follow along with the presenters' slide shows below.]


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Think Science: Sleep, by Dr. James Andry from Nathan Cone

Think Science: Sleep, by Nagwa Lamaie from Nathan Cone

Think Science: Sleep, by Alan Peterson from Nathan Cone