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Think Science: Repopulating Native Areas

Mar 3, 2020

For decades, American cities paved the way for population growth with more … pavement. But in recent years, planners have recognized the importance of native species in the ecosystem, leading to the restoration of rivers, creeks, and other areas toward a more natural state. The reintroduction of a species is the latest step in the effort to preserve plants, animals, birds, and insects that are endangered. 

This Think Science event features representatives from the City of San Antonio and San Antonio River Authority talking about the process of restoration, and what’s in the future at the intersection of urban landscapes and natural areas. You'll also learn little about how your own land can benefit from native plants.




Think Science: Native Restoration, by Lee Marlowe from Nathan Cone

Think Science: Native Restoration, by Wendy Leonard from Nathan Cone

Support for this event comes from the Sierra Club, San Antonio Water System, Culligan Water San Antonio, and Mitchell Lake Audubon Center.

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