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Think Science: How The Internet Affects Your Brain

Feb 24, 2019

For a quarter of a century, humans have been interacting online through the World Wide Web, and along with the easy access to information have been sea changes in the way we do business, converse, and even fall in love. What influence has the Internet had on the way our minds work? Have we become a nation of “skimmers” that can no longer find time to read a novel? What about the addictive nature of social media, gaming, gambling or even online pornography? How has the Internet changed us?

At this Think Science presentation, you'll hear from two scholars who examine the ways we can get caught in the net, and how to keep our analog selves healthy. Audio of the panel is below, as are slide presentations from the panelists.


Think Science is made possible by Health Texas Medical Group and the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio.

How the Internet Is Changing Your Brain from Nathan Cone

The Reading Brain in a Digital World from Nathan Cone