Texas Children's Choir Heads To France For D-Day Commemoration | Texas Public Radio

Texas Children's Choir Heads To France For D-Day Commemoration

May 27, 2014

The Texas Children’s Choir has a series of performances coming up. Those performances aren't so much the news — it’s where those performances are that make them a big deal.

"Normandy, France, and Paris," said Thomas Hardaway, who founded the 52-voice choir based in San Antonio. Hardaway said he is taking them to France for a reason:

“The commemoration of the D-Day landings at Normandy, France," he said.

June 6 will mark 70 years since the invasion that began the process of turning the war around — the war that hadn’t gone so well for the allies until that point. They will singing several times, in several places.

"To include a performance at the Omaha Beach Cemetery, for the annual ceremony of peace at the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise. And then we’ve been invited to provide music for a commemoration of the remaining nine veterans of the 35th Infantry Division that liberated St. Lo, which was entirely wiped out and devastated," Hardaway said.

But there are even more performances.

"And then they will be attending the 6th of June Presidential White House Ceremonies on that Friday," said Hardaway. "And then finally we’ll end up with a choral and organ concert of sacred music at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris."

Hardaway said that children’s voices can act on us in ways that adult voices just can’t.

"There’s just something about the quality and the purity of those voices that makes people want to change," he said.