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Texas Blocks Abortion Access Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 6, 2020

On March 23, Texas Governor Abbott issued an order postponing all elective operations and procedures that are not “immediately medically necessary," including abortions. 

Reproductive-rights advocates say the procedure is time-sensitive and if appointments are delayed until April 21 as ordered, the window for some women to terminate pregnancies will have closed. 

Is this rule justifiable or another veiled attempt to limit abortion access in Texas? Is the ban reasonable amid a global pandemic and how is it being justified? Do any circumstances warrant an exception? 

What consequences could health care providers face if they violate the order? Will orders that deem abortions non-essential, like those out of Texas and Ohio, stand up in court?

Could state leaders prolong the postponement period beyond April 21? What rights and options do women have for managing their pregnancies during a public health crisis? 


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, April 7.