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Technology Helps Rotem Sivan Tell Stories With His Music

Aug 17, 2018

Rotem Sivan, guitar.
Credit Courtesy photo

When Rotem Sivan moved from Israel to New York, he says that all he wanted to do was play straight-ahead jazz like Clifford Brown, Bill Evans, or one of his guitar heroes, Wes Montgomery. Somewhere along the way, he discovered that with the aid of technology, he could expand his musical palette.

“Music is trying to express emotions and feelings and ideas through sound,” Sivan explained from the bandstand at Jazz, TX. “So if you have a larger selection of sounds that you can draw from, you know, it could mean that you can express other things.”

That means that in this set, “Live At Jazz, TX,” you’ll hear decidedly non-traditional takes on tunes like “Angel Eyes” and “My Favorite Things,” as well as original songs by Sivan from his recent releases “A New Dance” and “Antidote.” The music is aided and abetted by Sivan’s guitar setup, which includes a multitude of pedals and a laptop on stage, and is influenced by rock, pop, and Middle Eastern music as much as the jazz greats of the past.

Visit Rotem Sivan online, and listen to his set Saturday night (August 18) at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio, or get a preview using the audio player below.