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In Switzerland, Competing To Be The Top Claus

Nov 21, 2013

Did you think Santa Claus only delivered presents? Well, in Switzerland on the last weekend of November, would be Santa Clauses endure two grueling days of competition to find out who’s absolutely, positively the best Santa in the world. Now in its twelfth year, the Cla Wau event attracts participants from around the globe. The only requirement to enter is a Santa outfit, three co-conspirators, and an adventurous attitude.

Teams of four are asked to host an entertainment presentation, drive a sleigh, build a gingerbread house, paint a picture, ride a wooden rocking horse in a relay race, tackle an obstacle course inside a giant Santa hat, have a stellar knowledge of world geography, and of course be able to scale a chimney. Both sexes can participate, so your next Santa could well be Ms. Claus.

All this jollity takes place in Samnaun, a ski resort in a part of Switzerland where Italy and Austria meet on the border. Even though there is no charge to enter, a prize of almost two thousand dollars is awarded to the winners, with the same amount donated to charity. Small wonder that this opening festival of the winter season continues to grow in popularity!

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