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The Source: Male Infertility

Apr 28, 2014

That Takes Balls.

He's Shooting Blanks.

Oh, Grow a Pair. 

How men think and talk about has been locked into gender norms. There virility and fertility unquestionably healthy as a result of popular conceptions, but new research is showing that fertility problems among men and women occur at equal rates. According to sociologist Liberty Barnes though, you wouldn't know it from how fertility specialists treat it. 

In her new book "Conceiving Masculinity: Male Infertility, Medicine, and Identity" specialists will often tiptoe around the issue of male infertility. Sometimes assuming that it is more often the women. These ideas keep men from being treated properly. 1 in 5 fertility doctors specialize in women's fertility despite the evidence that men are just as likely to be the problem. 


  • Liberty Barnes, Sociology Professor currently working at Cambridge University and author of the book "Conceiving Masculinity."